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Wellcome to Brothers & Commerce

Here you will find the work that since the beginning of the 20th century and through generations, has been present as a tradition in the Cisnero family.

About B&C

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A little history.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, and through the generations, livestock has been present as a tradition in the Cisnero family, which motivated the new generations to extend the business with the company Brothers & Commerce Company, giving continuity to the family tradition.

At first, the company was dedicated to commercializing meat nationwide in Venezuela, however, given the modernization process in livestock thanks to commercial globalization, today Brothers & Commerce CA, has various alliances for the commercialization of meat, shrimp , and pork, in various presentations such as:

  • Beef meat (Carcass).
  • Pork meat (Various cuts and vacuum packed).
  • Shrimp (Whole Shrimp).
  • Seeds (Cocoa).

Our Bussines

Brothers & Commerce as a Venezuelan company dedicated to the commercialization of meat, shrimp and pork at a national and international level, has the goal of becoming a supplier with high quality standards in international markets.


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Beef Meat

Beef Products.

Pork Meat

Pork Products.

Sea Foods

Sea Products.

Seeds /Cereals

Plant origin products.


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En Brothers & Commerce we specialize in the export and import processes of food products. Each product traded by Brothers & Commerce has a set of inherent properties that allow it to be judged as a high value product, and are adapted to the needs or conditions demanded by our clients.

En Brothers & Commerce, we strive every day to enter new markets at the regional level, serving as leverage so that small and medium producers have access to regional and extra-regional markets.

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